African Cup of Nations and FIFA Ballon d’Or 2015?

An African player is still to win FIFA Ballon d’Or. The FIFA administered Ballon d’Or is supposed to be fairer than the European Ballon d’Or it replaced, but so far it has been a Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo dominated affair with a sprinkling of European players from third place going down, with very few African players ever making the list.


African Cup of Nations is not the most prestigious tournament in the world. Sorry folks 😉 And I doubt if the majority of the footballing world even cares that we have a tournament featuring the best this continent has to offer.

What the tournament and Africa needs is one or two players to rise above the rest and play the best football of their lives, preferable by scoring tons of goals. Hopefully if these players are playing in Europe this can help them get more play time and hopefully continue scoring the goals in the European leagues.
If the player is not playing in Europe hopefully he can after African Cup of Nations get noticed and join one of the top sides in Europe.
In the FIFA Ballon d’Or winning tournaments and scoring goals seems to carry a lot of weight as to who wins

With the current average goals per game at less than two, this will remain a pipe dream. We need to see lots of goals soon. Lots!

Any contenders you can think of? ?


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