Fuck Luis Suarez #BallondOr

There is an uproar on the social media because FIFA have opted to rule out Premier League’s best player of the Year last season, Luis Suarez.

HERE IS A FUCKING UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH – Luis Suarez is a fucking racist.

If I was a religious kind, my only prayer would be that a white player breaks Luis Suarez leg in five different places and the fuck never plays football ever again. That he forever shits and pisses himself and his ass grow sores in fifteen different spots for sitting on his fucking arse on a fucking wheel chair. And that his only prayer is that he dies right at this very millisecond. Amen.
Here is the fucking uncomfortable truth: Luis Suarez is a mother fucking racist. There you have it, I said it.
This is what this fucking racist retard said to Patrice Evra:

Suárez said in Spanish that he had earlier kicked Evra “because you are black”, said “I don’t speak to blacks” and used the word “negro” five times in total as they argued. “


That is the kind of a motherfucker we are dealing with. A fucking unrepentant racist cunt. The hilarity of the whole fucking superiority complex bullshit of this piece of shit is that he is NOT EVEN WHITE (not that grants any fucking privileges or makes melanin challenged fellows smarter or anything)!
And the motherfucker bites players like a demented son of a hoe.
Consider this: teeth may harbour meat eating bacteria.

Luis Suarez is a bat shit crazy son of a bitch.

Luis Suarez is Satan incarnate!


These are my personal views, not SPORTZAR’s.

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