How to get bums on seats during our local soccer games

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Ever since the formation of the Premier Soccer League (PSL) in 1996, the league has been struggling to fill up the venues during match days.

Only when it’s the Soweto derby between Chiefs and Pirates where you see stadiums packed, the big question is what can the PSL and the member football clubs do to attract big crowds?

Season tickets

If each PSL team can have a stable home venue where they play their home games, this will enable them to start selling season tickets at a discount. By doing so the teams would be guaranteed a certain amount of revenue for each season, strengthening their cash flow positions.

If teams have enough money to run their affairs that means they would be able to attract talent to the industry, not just the players but the professionals from the corporate world. Teams can afford to put development structures in place where they can groom, nurture and mould the raw talent at an early age through properly run academies.


The game needs to be rebranded to not just to appeal to certain communities only, it needs to be made attractive to everyone who lives in the country from all backgrounds. If one thinks about the R40 ticket price for an average PSL game, it’s nothing for a two hour entertainment given that the quality of football is improving every year. This means soccer is competing with other activities that take place during the same time as soccer games; it could be rugby, cricket, music concerts, parties, political activities etc.

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