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The Secret of Minecraft

There are dangerous creatures lurking in this world, including but not limited to giant spiders and skeleton archers.

Putting IBM MobileFirst in (Apple’s Enterprise) Context

Since the iPhone, Apple has developed a subtle enterprise strategy, so subtle that many pundits miss it.

Bezos Alarms Amazon Investors With Spending Pace as Loss Widens

Jeff Bezos is testing the patience of investors after Inc.

Number Games

Which brings me to Chromecast. All Google will say is they’ve sold “millions” of the $35, (presumably) break-even device.

Continuity and Gratification

[adrotate banner=”3″] While others may see a company that can’t possibly keep selling more devices, quarter after quarter after quarter, I see a company that

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App Store Top Lists and App Rot

Quality, sustainability, and updates are almost irrelevant to App Store success and usually aren’t rewarded as much as we think they should be, and that’s mostly the fault of Apple’s lazy reliance on top lists instead of more editorial selections and better search.

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SuperSport waives Super Rugby radio rights fees for SABC

 Key discussions between SA Rugby and SuperSport have resulted in SuperSport agreeing to waive radio broadcast rights fees for Vodacom Super Rugby for the SABC.…

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