Proteas – Bunch of Losers!

The ICC Cricket World Cup is not a contest of the best cricket teams in the world. As a matter of fact the 10 full members of the International Cricket Council (ICC) qualify automatically. That’s right. It’s like a fucking inheritance. Some bloodline kinda thing. So antiquated!

The 10 members need not worry about being the best, they just need to show up.

The other teams, qualify through some ICC Cricket World Cup qualifying program e.g. Pepsi ICC World Cricket League. I know, Pepsi. BS right there.

So what teams came out of that sham of a program this time around? Wait for it,…., the teams that qualified were Ireland, Scotland, Afghanistan and United Arab Emirates. The kinder garden of the Cricket World Cup. Believe this or not the teams that qualified beat these teams: Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Nepal and Uganda. Don’t laugh.

This makes AFCON qualifies look like super league – an astronaut level qualifying program compared to what is required to play in ICC’s world cup.

Going into the world cup South Africa ranked no.1 (nee Zuma).  Arguable the only teams that matter in the list are the top 5.





Teams South Africa played in the ICC Cricket World Cup:



The teams in green are teams we should have beaten anyway. Remember we said Cricket World Cup is not a competition of the best teams in the world – for the most part it is a competition of former British colonies. So the ticket you need to play is to be a former colony.

The only teams that are worth talking about are: Sri Lanka, New Zealand, India and Pakistan. Now, look at the table – the only team we won against was Sri Lanka.

New Zealand beat us.

Pakistan beat us.

India beat us beat us.


Out of the 4 teams that matter we only managed to win again 1 team! But here we are CELEBRATING! Now how and why do we celebrate such failure?

Also consider this – South Africa is still to progress past the Semi Final stage in the CWC, like since forever. The definition of failure.

Less said about transformation the better – Peter Bruce at Business Day has a better take on that, read that it in many ways captures what we think about transformation in the sport.

This is the puzzling thing about South Africa – the tendency to celebrate failure. We did the same thing when Bafana Bafana crashed out of AFCON. We are doing it again now that Proteas have crashed out of ICC World Cup and I am sure we will do it again when Springboks crash out of Rugby World Cup. The question though is why do we do this?

The amazing thing is that the same people that celebrate failure of the teams they like freak out when other teams continue the failing culture e.g. Eskom, SABC, Post Office, SARS, SAPS, NPA, etc, etc.


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