Stadium Security and Other things which keep me away from the stadium

As a football fan. Wait, scratch that. As a lover of beautiful things, and therefore the most beautiful game, these issues raise the blood pressure.

Issue one: Traffic management for football games is practically inefficient. Just recall a recent moment when you found your entry to the stadium surroundings, managed to some extent, by flashing blue lights and waving arms. That’s all. You’d be lucky if you had prior road traffic tips. Not only that, you’d be extremely lucky to have experienced no conflict with other drivers. Jozi, as an example, doesn’t allow drivers with weak hearts to operate a vehicle in a congested environment. Traffic officials, don’t seem to appreciate this fact, and would rather have you Aluta Continua, because that’s just the way things have to be.

Issue 2: Stadium security, or rather lack of it, raises many questions on the commitment of the PSL, in conjunction with stadium management, on whether they actually care about its patrons. Understanding, and appreciating that football, like other sports, is a family sport, and therefore catering for that market is a no-brainer. However, someone in charge is still convinced that current gate takings are sufficient. Note that the average middle class family (very loose middle class definition) is about 2,5 children (yes, 2,5 because midgets?). Makes sense to market to this sector. Current and future profits are a given. Just. Provide. A. Safe. Environment.

Issue 3: Refreshments. This one is simple. Variety, pricing and availability. That’s all. Football is about the people, and not always about the sponsors which pour billion into the sport. Remember that these very sponsors are not marketing to the teams. Rather that very audience which is under-appreciated by the sports bosses. So you ask, why fans stay away? Get out your air-conditioned, fully-catered, secure private suits and take a close look.

We are watching you and won’t tolerate this for too long.

Photo By: @thatmannfree

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