While Football gets Commercialised, Supporters Drift Away from Stadiums

It has become a “THEM” and “US” type of a relationship between the Premiere Soccer League clubs and its supporters. This is proven by the empty stadiums week in and week out….


Some say it is the lack of entertainment, while others complain of security issues not forgetting the increase in ticket price including the transport costs. With all that being said, we all know that if a person love something they’ll spend a lot to be part of it and truth be told-people are passionate about football.

So now the question is why are people not filling the stadiums any more?
Where did it go wrong?

-Clubs fail to understand that times have changed and it’s more about how you sell your product that what exactly you sell (marketing)

-Increase in ticket price – while most supporters come from the middle class and the lower class. Imagine having to spend about R200 per weekend including transport and refreshments than sit at home and watch the game freely.

-Poor marketing strategies that is not appealing to the people, specifically young people.

-Clubs and the PSL not working as a unit to promote games.

-Lack of communication between clubs and its supporters, websites not updated frequently, social media platforms not used correctly.

-No roadshows to market the games to the people and make them feel as part of the team.


What can be done?

-Clubs should stop depending on the PSL to market games and start bringing their teams to the people.

-Public events prior to games to create hype and stimulate interest and passion.

-Mutual communication between supporters and clubs. Create a bond for both parties.

-The issue of ticket price should be evaluated very well

All that being stated, both parties need to come to the rescue before the beautiful game goes down the drain….

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