Get Featured

Thank you for your interest in feature writing with Sportzar. We work with a broad range of freelancers, from long-time professionals to first-timers with a great story. We also cover a broad range of subjects, from football, fun to wives and girlfriends! We look for stories full of passion, stories that are factual and some element of fun.

What we’re looking for:

With few exceptions, our stories are short to longishform features, running 500 -1500 words. They’re narrative-driven, with an arc, clear, fun and factual.

Our articles are in English but you are free to mix and match. Our style is more casual than formal.

Similarly, most interview features originate with us, but if you have exclusive access to an amazing conversationalist e.g. a former/current player, please let us know.

Is there a topic you are passionate about, write to us.

What we’re not looking for:

We generally don’t accept pure PR pitches, and unsubstantiated accusations against individuals or corporations. Also explicit sexual content is a definite no-no.

We do not accept slideshows, e.g. Team Divas, Top 10 Goal Scorers of All Time and other such variations.

What to send us:

If you’ve got a story you think fits at Sportzar, great! We’d love to hear it. Send us a few paragraphs answering the following questions:

• What is the story? A few sentences should be enough to hook us, but take the time to explain how you see the story unfolding. What is the arc? Who are your main characters? Who have you interviewed? What has your research revealed about the story?

• How are you going to report the story? What kind of progress have you already made (including sources and research), and what more do you have to do? Let us know your writing plan, including word count and a tentative deadline.

• Why is it right for Sportzar? Our readership is sports savvy and reads widely. Is your story new to that audience, or does it reveal a new facet of an old story? What other outlets, if any, have covered this story, and how will your telling be different?

• Why are you the person to write it? Do you have any particular expertise or experience with the subject? Do you have unique access? You should also attach any clips (2-3 at most) that show off your feature-writing skills.

When you’re ready to wow us with your pitch, send it to We try to respond to pitches within 3-4 days, but it may take longer if we’re particularly swamped. (Please note in the subject line if your pitch is time-sensitive.) Thanks for reading, and we look forward to working with you!