Drinking Ponds – BEERHOUSE Fourways

I have been in the city of gold for 10 years and through that period I have been spoilt for choice regarding places I can catch a cold beer or sophistication for good whisky or cognac. From Hillbrow tough bars to SOWETO Orlando East sheebens to Midrand Shisanyama or chic restaurants at Melrose Arch…choices is JHB are in abundance.

So in the next couple of weeks I will be zigzagging Jozi in search of the best drinking spots. To remain fair in my assessment, definition of best will be based on:


  • Beer & other alcohol beverage variety
  • Ambiance of the venue i.e. good looking & friendly people
  • Prices
  • Service by staff
  • Cop alert…this is very critical. No one likes a police road block after a good beer.


BEERHOUSE Fourways – Pineslopes Boulevard on Witkoppen road

From what Max the waiter told me, this is their second “Beer house” after the Cape Town success and they serve 99 beers (on bottle) and 20 on tap. First thing I loved about the place is the simplicity from bright yellow deco, to basic tables settings and one food menu. Then the beer menu is out of this world…you are literally spoilt for choice.

From the food menu, I requested a bunny chow which was not bad but lacked the Durban spicy flavour. Besides I was not there for the food but I was there for the beer which was AWSOME! I started with the famous 500ml Jack Black Lager, then took adventure with 500ml SOWETO Golden Delicious, tied a 6 100ml Ale beers…after I was done with beers from the tap…I drank a Corona bottle.  Not that I am bragging, but when I was taking a leak…I engaged myself on some toilet literacy by the sink which provided insight on Trappist beer. Trappist beer according to this toilet literacy is the best beer in the world that is ancient & holy noting it was brewed by the monks of Europe. It expensive ranging from R100 to R400 per 330ml but it is greatest tasting beer or form of liquid I have drank in my life!



I loved the place, the people, the drinks and the great service received from the BEERHOUSE staff.

Noting the beer menu is wide and reflect beers from across the world then it understandable the wide variety of the prices. And I love the fact they promoted more tap beers (Craft beers) from South Africa beyond what was on the menu.

So here is the scorecard: 8.6

Beer & other alcohol beverage variety 10/10 Awesome! Rochefort Trappistes 10! Out of this world!
Ambiance of the venue 8/10 All colours, sex and creed.
Prices 9/10 Not bad for what you get.
Service by staff 9/10 Great dudes & great service.
Cops alert 7/10 Witkopen & William Nicol are popular with road blocks L


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