SA football needs to be more transparent when it comes to business

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The Premier Soccer League (PSL) has come a long way in making the sport more professional in South Africa. Sponsors have even upped the ante and poured millions into it unlike the paltry thousands they did in the past. This was mainly driven by the rise in interest in this sport as a result of the 2010 FIFA World Cup that was held in our shores.

But the veil of secrecy that still exists in South African football when it comes to sponsorship deals, player transfer fees, signing-on fees and salaries, casts a shadow on the sport. It creates an impression that there is still a dark side to the sport. Some might raise the issue of confidentiality on players’ salaries, but the European teams are not shy to mention how much they pay their players.

Knowing how much our soccer players earn can motivate the youngsters who aspire to become professionals one day and encourage parents to give full support to their kids when they show interest in the game. It can also expose teams who are not looking after their players especially in the PSL given the allowance they receive from the league.

Why would clubs – that we would like to believe are legitimate businesses – hide how much money they make and how much they pay their players? They are, after all, public figures..

It is this kind of secrecy that is giving football a bad name and makes some big companies wary of doing business or getting involved with the aptly named “beautiful game”.

It is time to lift this unnecessary veil of secrecy so the game can reach its true potential.

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