Shakes Must Shake Out and Make Way for a REAL Coach

There are reasons why Shakes was shaken out in the past, same reasons that will result in him shaking out again.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. – George Santayana

Shakes Mashaba is a motivator. It is not rare to hear players saying things like “he is like a father to us”. He treats players (especially players he likes) with respect and understanding and players love him and they often try their best to show their appreciation in the field.

Shakes Mashaba is not a Football Coach, he is hopelessly out of his depth in that department. He is tactically incompetent. In all the three games Bafana Bafana ran out of steam and the “coach” lacking a plan B could not help them. He had no idea as to what to do to help his players win the game despite them showing that they had no clue on how to hang on and defend their lead. A competent coach would have done a few tactical changes to help out the team. Not Shakes.

Bafana Bafana were most often left wanting in set pieces, and we hoped that Shakes will help fix this but not our Shakes, match after match we were beaten on set pieces.

He should have taken Tokelo Rantie out after that penalty miss, brought in a defender/defensive midfielder may be results would have been different.

His picks often left a lot to be desired. He left out experienced players for reasons only known to him putting blind faith to second rate Ndululas and bench warmers like Rantie. Where were Serero, Mashamaite, Erasmus, etc?

The excuses from the minister of sport (that guy is mal) and sport pundits abound:

Its a young squad:
What is the average age of Bafana Bafana players that were featured in those matches? +/- 26 yrs! If you were to take a weighted mean based on age and matches played its higher than 26!

We are building for 2018:
Some of those players will be 30 years old, some of them a lot older than 30. And given our soccer age problem, I bet the true average age will be in mid 30s.

It was an unexperienced squad:
7 out of 11 players (63%) played in previous African Cup of Nations matches.

It is a if Bafana Bafana is some perpetually underachieving kid with its parents and siblings always making excuses as to why he is such an underachiever.

Its time for Shakes to shake out and for SAFA to hire a real coach!

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