SHOCKING! Bafana Bafana Slide in Rankings

Hahahahahahhahahahhahhaha. My goodness that is funny! Following the disastrous AFCON campaign Bafana Bafana have slipped to 56th in the latest FIFA rankings and 14th in Africa! You may not know this – Cape Verde is ranked better than South Africa at number 5!

Some context:

There are 500 THOUSAND people in Cape Verde vs. 51 MILLION in South Africa.

Cape Verde’s GDP is $1.8 billion USD vs. $351 billion for South Africa.

South Africa is the second biggest economy in Africa.

South Africa’s economy is the most advanced in Africa.

But our poor Bafana Bafana are ranked number 14, having drop 1 place from number 13. How is this acceptable? Where is pride?

Bafana Bafana has been on a free fall since 1996. South Africa is the worst performing rich (football loving) country in the world. And what does SAFA do? Hire a nobody as a coach. Sorry, correction – a failed nobody as coach. Remember we fired this guy 10 years ago!

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