Why Was Shakes Mashaba FIRED?

In our previous piece on Shakes  “Shakes Must Shake Out and Make Way for a REAL Coach” we quoted George Santayana’s “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” wise words.

In this part two of the series we shall look at the reason why Shakes was fired as Bafana Bafana coach in the even of 2004 African Cup of Nations.

First I would like to highlight the fact that in the early 2000s there was very little internet publish in South Africa, so there are few online articles on Shakes suspension and his subsequent firing. Meaning I will not be able to provide you with links as we would normally do, but would tell things as I remember them.

Shakes was appointed Bafana Bafana head coach in 2002 and was fired early in 2004 less than two years after his appointment. Here are reasons why Shakes was fired:

  • Shakes had arbitrary, meaningless and fruitless rules as to when players need to be at camp.

Mashaba insisted that all players be available from the start of the two-week period before a major continental championship allowed by Fifa for player call-ups.

As a result of Mashaba’s hard-line stance, both McCarthy and Fish pulled out of the Bafana Bafana line-up altogether.

  • Shakes was unnecessary inflexible and unaccommodating to players – especially KEY Bafana Bafana players.

In addition to losing McCarthy and Fish, Shakes also refused to recall Quinton Fortune and Hans Vonk.

  • Shakes’ selection policies often left a lot to be desired. For instance his penchant of selecting inexperienced players, bench warmers and even injured players were some of the problems.

Shakes’ feuding with experienced players meant that his selection was dominated by inexperienced local players, he even selected injured players!

Safa claimed that Shakes had failed to monitor the form of the country’s foreign-based players and had selected a Nations Cup squad with players who were injured or who had not played recently.

  • Shakes irrational and puzzling behaviour of questioning players’ commitment to the national team thus the country, pitying players against their country and supporters. This resulted in frosty relationship between Shakes and the players.

Shakes once questioned Lucas Radebe’s and others commitment to the national side.

Shakes was heavily criticised over his relationship with key players who have been left out of the squad for Tunisia 2004.

Here we are, in 2015 after a disastrous AFCON campaign:

  • What is the key reason given as to why Bafana Bafana disappointed: INEXPERIENCE? You bet.
  • Were there any EXPERIENCED players (like the best goal keeper in the country at the moment) that Shakes SIDELINED or LEFT-OUT? Yep.
  • Don’t we have European based players that were NOT recalled? How is Shakes’ RELATIONSHIP with those players? Is he monitoring them?
  • Did Shakes in a media briefing call a player FAT and LETHARGIC/LAZY/LIFELESS, thus QUESTIONING the players’ COMMITMENT and PITYING the player against supporters? Yep!

Also that was mean, cruel and insulting.

“Bafana Bafana head coach, Shakes Mashaba, says that he didn’t select Kamohelo Mokotjo because he looked ‘heavy and sluggish’ when he was last called up.” – soccerladuma.co.za

Did we mention in our previous article that the average age of the players that played in AFCON 2015 was ±26 years! That is not a development squad, that squad will be ±29 in the next World Cup and ±30 years in the next AFCON. Besides development should be done in the under 23s, etc not in our national team!

Last have you noticed that in this article we said nothing about his technical abilities as a coach? Why? Because they do not exist, but most importantly with so many flaws why is he a national coach?

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

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