Water is Wet <> “Kermit & Majoro make a very good partnership” Tinkler

Finally an Orlando Pirates coach says it loud: “Kermit came on and provided for Majoro and they make a very good partnership” – Tinkler

Whats took so long?

Even a soccer newbie can see that! But alas Tinkler continues with the weak justifications why they don’t play the two players together. Blablabla same style, blablabla Kermit is lazy, blablabla impact player and other BS like that.

Tinkler on Kermit’s performance and probably the reason he wanted to pull him out minutes after bring him in as a substitute:

“I thought when he came on, at first, he was little bit lethargic , he wasn’t helping us and fortunately he got that opportunity and he got great pass from Majoro to give us the lead.”

Bullshit! Why do coaches find it easy to insult players? Calling someone lethargic/lazy is an insult. Period. Is Lionel Messi lethargic? Fuck, if we go with Tinkler’s logic 95% of PSL players are lethargic!

Tinkler on why he picked Bacela ahead of Erasmus:

“It was tactical decision because we knew they will play long balls and they have a lot of height in the team so we needed to match them and Lennox was important in our tactical play”.

That is just bullshit. Why not pair up Kermit and Majoro and score tons of goals and stop worrying about what the other team would do? Isn’t that (worrying about YOUR team) what a coach has control over anyway? Besides that is just fucked up, so Pirates should play long balls because their opponent would play long balls? That is some dumb shit.

Thinking about it – Lennox is a striker not a defender >> MAKING THE ENTIRE JUSTIFICATION DOUBLE CRAZY!!!

“Also, we wanted to bring on somebody whose got the ability like Kermit, especially later on in the game who can be an impact player when he is nice and fresh and the defence is tired and he ends up producing that. He can still be vital and important player to the squad.”

Hahaha, liar! Burn liar burn. He is justifying his crazy selection after the fact. Like Shakes justifying his 3 goal keepers bullshit. Do these coaches think we are stupid?!

Picture by Samuel Shivambu (from Google).


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